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07 May 2010

So Damn Unpretty ..

Well I must have made some kind of sense in my last post because I got some lovely comments ((hugs)) to my beautiful friends!

You really put a smile on my face :D

No doubt this will read a little hodge-podge too because while everything flows as one in my head, I don't know that I express myself as well with words .. So forgive me if it's a little random or cryptic - that's just how I think ..

OK, lets start with some background music:

The title above is because I've been making some damn ugly skin-care products of late .. And honestly, I really don't care what it looks like so long as works how I want it to!

Basically what happened was I was researching Bubble Bars and somehow came upon all these L*sh Videos on YT .. They don't have a store here so I've never seen/smelt/used anything L*sh (though I do have some FO dupes), and I was absolutely blown away by their HUGE following .. That of course lead me to take a look at their website, and I was even more shocked at their prices - cleanser selling for 17.90 per 100gm - that's $179 kg!!! Totally insane because it's nothing more than Almonds/Clay/Glycerine & a few EO's/Botanicals lol ..

Oh Oh and I quote: "Preservatives are by nature poisonous, and have more to do with profit, supply chains and convenience than healthy hair and skin, or the environment." WTF? They're kidding right??

Yeah Right, well I decided to make this expensive cleanser myself with the addition of extra skin-loving goodies like White Willow Bark Extract & Hydrolysed Wheat Protein .. It cost me, oh maybe $3 for 100gm .. Plus it took only 15 minutes which including going to town to buy organic almonds and grinding them!
What do you think of my lovely L*sh knock-off ?

Yeah I know, I know, it's as ugly as ... well, poop! But theirs is grey, and most reviews say it stinks bad - mine smells great :D

These are also messy as a mud pie to use (tweaking can easily fix that so why didn't L*sh bother??), but my intention is not to rag on L*sh - honestly .. I just want to show how easy it is to make and how cheap! And surprisingly it works really well - Seriously!

I made this on Monday I think it was, and have been using it twice daily since, and my skin feels awesome ..

I used Pink Clay instead of white because it's better for my dry/mature skin, and an EO blend my face loves (Lavender,Rose Geranium,Patchouli 3:1:1), and I really wanted to add Panthenol but I don't have any ..

It's actually not too dissimilar to my favourite face mask, only I use Honey & Goats Milk lotion in that .. Hmm, ground almonds maybe be thrown in the next batch ;)

Anywho so that's how the song relates you see .. Well not really, maybe I just wanted to listen to it tonight, and I love to find real talent on YT! I guess I just take issue with big companies playing off people insecurities, especially those of young girls .. And to top it off by charging outrageous prices - well it makes me sad :(

Of course some ingredients ARE super expensive - and super worth it! So on that front I want to share with you my oh so ugly Re-Hydrating Face Mask:
~ Active Manuka Honey ~ Olive Squalane ~ Meadowfoam Oil ~ Avocado Oil ~ Green Tea Powder ~ & Ground Oats (that I should have ground up much finer)

Oh and carrot Seed EO .. It actually tastes better than it looks, lol ..

Bottom line is treating our skin, and ourselves well is important .. But Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and True Beauty really does come from within .. And I want everyone who is reading this to know, no matter what you think, or what anyone else tells you - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! and I HONESTLY mean that ♥



  1. Atrisan..... words spoken from the heart of a beautiful woman indeed. Love your blog, love your realness :-)

  2. Love your pic and that mask looks awesome!!!

    I sometimes chat with a Lush girl in the store near me and they truly do not have a clue, other than the blurb they are taught to say....not their fault - they don't make the stuff, just learn how to sell it....

    Love that song too :)

  3. Your products look great and sound wonderful! I fell off the facial care wagon but I'm getting back into it and my skin is looking so much better. So I understand now how important it is.

    I've only been into a Lush store once. I had to walk back out because it was too strongly scented in there. It was much like going into a Yankee Candle store. So I don't really have an opinion of them myself.

  4. What a good read! BTW, your cleanser is not "unpretty". I found it very modern looking. LOL.

    As for preservative, I happen to love them! I would think not taking care of yourself is more unhealthy than preservatives.

    I can't imagine how wonderful the mask must feel. I happen to like the shade of green. Looks like a green tea and avocado mask. Sounds high end to me! LOL!

    Thanks for the positive body message!

  5. When I stepped into a Lush store for the first time, I was floored by the prices they charged. They are raping consumers in my opinion. Bright, colorful packaging, claims of being organic and all-natural, and a lot of young, cute girls touting your product can make a success out of just about anything...even beer and cigarettes.

  6. How did that mask turn out? Using active manuka honey is expensive but oh so worth it. Tastes so healthy, too! It's an interesting shade of green & thanks for sharing the recipe.

    I love Lush & the dupes I have are so wonderful. Love their bubble bars & their soap inspired me to make my own.

  7. Hi Clare,

    What a goodie bar! Do you use these for the face or the whole body? I never made them or seen them before but oh so love a good scrub. :)! Hope to see You at the Dish. I'll be back here too. Happy crafting: Zizi