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05 May 2010

The Important Things In Life ..

I've never been good at keeping diaries or journals .. I'd start out with best intentions but pretty soon I'd miss a day, a week, a month - or three ..

Well my blog has obviously been neglected and yesterday someone *you know who you are* hinted that I need to work on a post, so this is for you - and thanks, I needed a nudge! :P

I actually have a million things I could write about, and I even have photo's of some new B&B goodies I've been making - facial cleansers/scrubs, soaps, room sprays, bath bubble bars etc .. But tonight I'm all about the weather ..

Yep The Weather!

Trust me, I'm the last person interested in small talk, but living in the country as I do it's an important subject .. And this last week has really seen the switch from Autumn into Winter - I don't care what any calendar says, it's WINTER! It's cold, wet, windy and there is frost on the ground come daylight!

This is actually my favourite time of year because a) 1st of June (the official start to the season) is my birthday, and b) I love nothing more than to sit in front of a wood fire, sipping hot tea/soup/wine that's brewing atop and reading a book, or playing games with the kids .. And while my home is small and really not much more than a tin shed with plumbing, I keep it lush with heavy velvet curtains, beanbags, pillows, quilts, and faerie lights strung up everywhere .. So it's quite the cosy grotto - and an awesome smelling one at that :D

Anyhoo, I've gone of tangent and probably aren't making sense, so photo time!

This first pic I took on Monday morning as I was taking the boy to school .. I saw the rainbow and ran back in to grab my camera, took one shot and then it suddenly vanished! The driftwood sticks are my front fence, looking into the paddock across the road from my house .. There's a few cows in there now and again but that's all - oh and I don't own it, a farmer up the road does ..


And the second I took yesterday morning .. I've been crazy busy these last few weeks and really haven't had much time to myself, or I've been too tired to do anything when I did get some, so I spontaneously decided to go for a walk after dropping the boy at school instead of heading home to housework ..

I went to a reserve up the road called Paynes Ford .. It's a popular place for international rock climbers due to the natural caves/cliffs/rock formations & river so some of you may know of it? It's a beautiful preserved forest and river that again borders on farmland but remember this was early morning, and with the trees blocking the sun, well I must admit it was freezing cold and I was NOT properly dressed! So it was a true delight to come out of the shadows and into this exposed piece of the track .. Again I took one photo and this time my camera suddenly shut down due to dead batteries!


And with that I'm going to leave you for tonight .. I'm sorry, I'm just so tired, and OMG(osh) I think I'm coming down with a cold or flu .. I've been sneezing since this morning and I thought perhaps it was my allergies playing up to something .. But now my son is and also complaining of a headache - crying even and willing to take the meds which he Hates, so I know he's for real .. And yeah, my head hurts too! Darn it, I never used to get sick and now I can't make it through two months!

Ahh well, hot fire, warm drink, good book, & faerie lights - it's hard to feel too sorry for oneself with that combination ..

{{hugs}} To All ♥
~ Clear


  1. This was really such a fun post! I love seeing and hearing little bits and pieces about your life. The photos were gorgeous and I can only imagine how charming and cozy your little home is. It sounds like a great place to be. :) Feel better, I hope you wake up and have improved!

  2. Breathtaking photos! Makes me feel calm. Must be such a treat to be able to see such beauty that close to home.

    Hoping you don't get a cold!

  3. Love your photos Clear! Love hearing about your life too. Be well! :)