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27 May 2010

Daystar L*sh Dupes ..

I'm going to start by saying I have never seen nor smelt anything from a Lush store - but I do regularly use some of the dupes of their fragrances .. Susan was asking about this yesterday but I was having server issues and couldn't respond, so I started to type this up and figured might be helpful to others if I shared it here ..

Invigoration (aka Avobath, Avabathe, & Ava's Bath)
is a divine, uplifting, scent .. Only it doesn't play nice in the pot! I've had major acceleration troubles with this, but I've battled it with good results so it's possible - just be prepared and take precautions ..

Galaxy of Stars (aka Super Nova, & Champagne Snow Showers)
reminds me of candy musk sticks, and I often end up having to go buy a packet to munch on when I use it :P I really like this, it soaps well, sticks in there forever (talking 1+years), and doesn't discolour ..

Kazi-Kazi (aka Karma, & Kama Kazi)
is another well behaved personal favourite of mine, and I always have a bar of this in the bathroom .. No discolouration issues either ..

Fishnet Pantyhose (aka You Crack the Whip, & Snap The Whip)
OMG(osh) it's good in lotions, butters & creams!! This is going to sound crazy, but you know the icing in-between liquorice all-sorts? That's what this scent is to me *yummy* I haven't soaped it yet, but Daystar says it won't discolour - My supplier says it does ?? Will update you on this soon as I get more to play with!

Toffee-Sugar Crunch (aka Honey I Washed the Kids)
is another I've tried, and though it behaved well I don't like the scent at all .. Some say it discolours slightly but mine didn't ..

I also have a bunch of sample sized bottles waiting to be soaped:

Jasmine-Honey (aka Flying Fox, & Godiva)
*My supplier: "Some people have experienced acceleration while others haven't so be prepared just in case. No discolouration noted" *DS says no A no D
- will update ..

Liquid Crack (aka Rock Star)
*My suppliers says no A no D, DS says "Creamy Peach Discolouration"
- will update ..

Blue Bubblegum Crush (aka Candy Fluff, & Candy Crush)
*My supplier says no A, D? *DS says no A, D to medium beige
- will update ..

Coco Loco Mama (aka Floating Island, Floating Oasis)
*My suppliers says"No acceleration noted, discolours brown", *DS no A, Medium D
- will update

I think I have a couple of others too but I'm feeling particularly blah tonight so I'm not going out to look for them sorry .. I will post here as I use them though and let you know how they behave ..

Please share your own experiences using the L*sh dupes in the comments, soaping or B&B .. I'm sure it would be appreciated by myself and anyone else who happens to stop by for a look-see :)

And because a post wouldn't be the same without a photo
(special batch for my daughter):


  1. Clear, you are a gem! Thank you for writing this up. I will have to soap Candy Fluff and Karma soon. DD is drooling over Meg's soap and wondering why her own mom isn't making some Lushie soaps for her as well.:)

  2. Gorgeous soap! I've tried both the Karma and Honey I washed The Kids, both fantastic dupes.

  3. Thanks for that wonderful information Clear! :)

  4. Wonderful post! Gorgeous soap too. I have not used a L*sh dupe before probably because I never knew what they smelled like!

  5. Are you a big fan of Day Star? I haven't tried them yet.