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18 May 2010

Hunting & Fishing Bars ..

The sun make an appearance today, after almost a week of rain and I was determined to finally take photo's of my latest (? actually it's not but eh, lol) - my latest non-experimental batch of CP :)

So I decided to head down the beach to give it a little test run and the best part of all was it was high tide when I got there - so naturally I jumped in the kayak ..



Anise Essential Oil is used to mask the scent of human, as well as attract fish to bait - teamed with Coconut Oil, the only 'saponified fat' (Soap) able to lather in salt water .. Embeds of Green Castile, Charcoal & Black Tea ..

They're actually balanced on an old post sticking up out of the water :P


  1. Beautiful soap and your pics are awesome!

  2. Beautiful and useful soaps.
    I absolutely want some for my Dad.

  3. Truly gorgeous! I love the translucent look to these with the flecks of color. I love the 2nd shot, the closeup of them and the orange contrast.

  4. These look great!! You've just reminded me that I need to take some soap photos today too - we have sunshine for the first time in many days!!! Hoo-ray!

  5. I love how white they are.