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29 May 2010

Black Raspberry 'n Vanilla Créme

This is one of the fragrances that really impressed me when I did the Vanilla trials (more of which I'll be posting asap) .. And guess what? It also rocks in Milk Soaps!

The colours were an experiment and not exactly what I was aiming for - however I'm not complaining given that Hot Pink (which started out Neon Purple) is no longer the 80's Fluro Orange it was when I unmoulded this batch!!!

~ Goats Milk & Oat Meal Castile ..
I really can't wait for 6months to try this - but I will .. It smells soooooo good ♥


  1. Clear, I think the colours are fantastic. I bet the addition of milk makes this smell divine!
    btw- why 6 months?

  2. Thanks Susan :)

    I find a Castile needs a minimum of 6 months cure for it's lather to develop beyond the 'egg white' texture of pure Olive Oil Soap ..

    I actually prefer it to cure for 12months, but since this is my first big batch using this fragrance there's no way I can wait that long to indulge ;)

  3. They look awesome Clear! The colours are perfect for BR&V and now you have encouraged me to try this in a milk soap too :)

  4. This has been a very popular scent for me for several years now. So glad your colors morphed into something agreeable! :)

    Six months does seem like a long time - you have great patience!!

  5. That is drop dead gorgeous Clear!!! Love it!!!