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24 May 2010

Patti Rocks!

How lucky am I ?? Answer: Very!!

My wonderful friend Patti sent me this awesome care package that arrived today, and I didn't waist a minute opening everything to sample and sniff :P

The Lip Balm is Mmmmmm, goes on buttery and doesn't leave my lips all gloss (I don't like gloss so YAY!) and the Lemon Sugar Solid Scrubs - love this scent, love nice and scritchy, and it didn't leave my tub slippery at all .. Excellent Formulas!

Can't wait till the boy goes to school tomorrow to try the Bubble Bar!!

THANK-YOU Soooooooooo MUCH! {{{hugs}}}


  1. What a gorgeous haul!!! Go Patti :D

  2. OMG!!! You just made my day!! LOL! I have to say that this is such a super cute pic. You are so very welcome. Believe me, it is my pleasure to send you some goodies. Have fun! {{hugs}}

  3. You are very blessed & pampered indeed! What a great package!!

  4. Wonderful looking stuff Clear! Enjoy your bubbly soak! LOL

  5. You must have a pretty good friend to send you such a wonderful care package. It all looks so good! Enjoy your bubble bath tomorrow =)