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14 May 2010

Friday Fun & Frustrations ..

I've been having a wonderful morning, trimming bars and making new batches .. My house smells soooo good - Anise, Peppermint, Lavender, & Eucalyptus all merged into one big olfactory delight!

To start with I set to work on some Anise Hunter & Fisher Bars:
Only it decided to do the partial gell thing so I had to throw it in the oven and play on & off with the thermostat and timer, and thankfully was able to get a full gell going ..

And then I started trimming my EucyPepperLav bars from the other week - they're full of Olive, Avocado, Castor & Shea, so take some time to set up right .. This is my absolute favourite Essential Oil blend and I use it for just about everything, in the tub, washing machine, room spray, soap etc .. Only trouble is it had a purple swirl along with the green when I first made it, yet the grape pop mica just won't work for me like it does for others ?! Not to worry - these are my private stash, yep soap just for MEEEE!!

The other trouble I've had this morning is it's dark and grey outside (awesome thunderstorms) which I actually LOVE, but it means no good light for photo's ..
Ahh well, in real life it's a lovely warm yellow thanks to the Avocado & Olive, but the scent is particularly cooling so this lack-lustre pic is accurate in that sense ..

~ Wishing You All a Wonderful Week-End


  1. Wonderful soaps! I love how white the fisher bars are with the flecks of color. Also the creamy colored bars are gorgeous too. they don't have to be just for you! LOL! Sounds like a wonderfully soothing soap too. Very pretty.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your Friday! This makes me want to get a slab mold.

  2. Love that mould Clear! I am glad you got the Anise batch to gel - I am a bit wary of using the oven for that. your EucyPepperLav bars look beautiful! I love your textured tops too :)

  3. I love them all Clear! So pretty! I bet your house does smell good!