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29 July 2009

Making lotion is really easy ..

Small saucepan with a steamer insert into which I place my stainless steel mixing bowl, and a thermometer ..
I make small batches (about 3wks worth at a time) & whisk by hand
This is all the mess so I wash up as my lotion is cooling
and finally we have the finished product:
Green Tea & Honey Lotion

Green Tea & Honey Lotion

26 July 2009

Aussie Swap Loaf ..

Trying something a little different this time - design, scent blend and soap formula were all my own and totally unique to this batch ..

Australian Swap 1



It turned out so well I only hope I can repeat it!

22 July 2009

7Up Cake (smells just like the real thing)

I had a few issues with this batch and afterwards realised using 7UP soda for the full Lye Liquid was probably not the best idea .. It also Ashed terribly, but I liked the textured tops so decided to just embrace it!

7up 1

7up 2

7up 3

20 July 2009

Oatmeal & Honey Castile (unscented)

This is only unscented in that I've added no fragrance, yet the natural sweetness of Honey comes through and I get lots of comments on how nice this is .. The addition of Oat Milk improves the lather, Oat flour for gentle exfoliation, and a pinch of Local Organic Pollen makes this a real Health Food Bar for your Skin!



Oatmilk & Honey Castile

15 July 2009

Spicy Stars ..

Citrus fruits and warm spices blended together into a delicious unisex fragrance!
Autumn Spice 1



03 July 2009

Earth Goddess With Balls ..

Earth Goddess is described as "a blend of juicy berries, wild mint and herbs; a very refreshing minty scent" ..

The balls are rolled from another batch of soap high in Avocado oil, hence their colour, and then rolled in Mica or crushed sage before embedding in a Rice Bran Oil based formula ..

It's all together a nice mild bar with a very distinctive look ..






Bergamot & Hemp Lotion ..

This very simple lotion is based on the formula shared here:
Organic Hemp Lotion
Bergamot & Hemp Lotion

02 July 2009

Aloe Vera & Olive Castile (unscented)

I wanted to make a batch of super mild and unscented soap for those with sensitive skin .. Unfortunately I left it in the mould a little too long and when it came time to cut it cracked ..


Aloe Vera & Olive Castile


Organic Rosehip & Aloe Cream ..

I ♥ photography as much as I do soaping & lotion crafting, so when I combine those two passions I sometimes get carried away
- sorry for posting a whole exhibition, I just couldn't choose which to cut ..

Organic Rosehip & Aloe Cream





This is a rich cream full of Rosehip Oil & Shea Butter ..
Made for my daughter & scented with fresh Cut Roses ~ Divine!

01 July 2009

Super Nova Explosion (salt bars)

Salt Bars give you a unique bathing experience and leave your skin feeling fresh like you just stepped out of the ocean .. Their high salt content also makes them smooth like a river stone after just a couple of uses, and they last for AGES!


SNE4 - Salt Spa Bars