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11 July 2011

My Other True Love = Salt Spa Bars ..

I'm getting myself all confuzzled as to where's the best place to share my soap porn - forums, blogger, facebook, or You Tube ??

I really don't want to bore people with the same images over and over, but I have different subscribers & friends on each site, so what's a girl to do?

Anyways for those who haven't already seen these, they're all Salt Spa Bars .. That is, they have a large portion of course Sea Salt in them - but they're not scratchy or drying as you might expect .. Oh no, these bars turn gloriously smooth during repeated use, think: 'tumbled river stone'.. They're heavy like one too!

Washing with a Salt Bar is a very unique bathing experience, and one that leaves you feeling clean and fresh, like you just swam in the ocean .. Only without that annoying residue & sand :P

Lovely and lathery, yet good for all skin types .. Some even use/recommend them as a facial bar for troubled or acne-prone skin ..

My 'like a Mermaid' bar it's my absolute most favourite soap in the world♥
Seriously, if I had to choose only one soap to use for the rest of my life,
without question this would be it ..

'Monkey Farts' has a fun fruity aroma that's loved by pretty much everyone ..
Especially my Son!

'Heavenly Honeysuckle' - a very true to life floral fragrance ..

'Bay Leaf & Black Pepper'
- this one has exfoliants in it (Crushed Black Pepper, Hemp, & Fennel Seeds) ..