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07 June 2010

I'm being very productive ..

Soaping daily in an effort to stock up with quality soap I'm proud of .. Specifically Goats Milk & Oat Castiles, and Salt Spa Bars .. Occasionally a 'special treat' batch with more luxurious and expensive oils .. Or another experimental one in my endless effort to create luscious lather without CO, PKO, &/or skin irritation *sigh*

And likewise I'm doing my tried and trusted (popular) fragrances, then some unique (experimental) blends of my own .. Has anyone soaped Daystar's 'Black Tea' with 'Jasmine' (I think mine is from Natures Garden) before ? The tea morphs in my GM soap so I'm doing it in a salty this time round .. I also tried adding some 'Salty Sailor' to the mix, but so far prefer the straight 1:1, it's smoky sexy heaven in an after shower body mist!

Another I'm liking is Clothes Line mixed with some heady Honeysuckle - it kind of takes you out of the laundry to where you're hanging the last on the line and mooching around the garden deciding if you should get to work or sit down and have a cuppa in the sun first .. At least that's where it takes my mind :D

Playing with scents is so much fun - all sorts of memories are flooding back, and I'm using them to create even more fragrances that somehow depict my life - is that even possible, to 'depict' with aroma alone? lol ..

Anyone regularly blend there own EO's or FO's ?? I'd love to hear about your favs if you're willing to share - you can email me if you don't want to post public ;)