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02 March 2010

Vanilla Files (part 4)

Sorry it's taken me until now to post these, life is busy, I have the flu, and I'm feeling all round extraordinarily exhausted!

(embedded images are from last week, to compare)



Musk Vanilla has some interesting exterior colour morphing going on:

No change with Vanilla Abricot,
but the Ash is growing on me :P
Lots of colour variation with the Vanilla Bean!




A couple are missing as there is really no colour change at all in these; Unscented, Black Raspberry Vanilla ..

**Scent Updates**
(I swear they smell different throughout the day! So if I contradict myself that's why ...... means I wrote the following notes on another day)

Black Raspberry Vanilla - not as strong as I'd like, hopefully comes back or blooms in use .. I'd love to put this in a lotion or cream! ...... Somehow reminds me of herbal flowers (red clover?), gentle, sweet ..

Vanilla de Madagascar - Mmm getting stronger, chocolaty vanilla to the point I'm tempted to take a bite (but resist!) ...... Faint compared to rest, nothing special ..

Abricot Vanilla - seems a bit subtle/faint at the moment ....... Some fruity notes returning ..

Musk Vanilla - still very powdery ....... Floral, powder ..

Warm Vanilla Sugar - this seems very mild today and I'm a bit disappointed, but still have hope it will come back ....... Also has a touch of fruit to it but it doesn't stand out compared to the rest ..

Drizzled Honey Vanilla - This is growing on me, lol ..It's got a fruity element that reminds me of the BRV, but each is unique .. Again I can't help but think this would be very popular! It's also Really Strong so you could probably halve the % used ...... Honey, floral, yep this is good!

Unscented - I actually like the scent of this - gently sweet and honey like .... Sweetly scented, Very nice actually!!

Marshmallow Fluff - the darkest of the lot .. This has taken on the scent of cupcakes straight from the oven .. It's not a strong scent but pleasing ..... Strong, buttery, vanilla ..

Vanilla Bean - a bit plastic, what a shame ..... A bit plastic, not much else ..

Buttercream Frosting - warm, sweet, buttery - another cupcake/cooking type scent, quite nice! ...... Also getting a bit plastic, what a shame I had hopes for this ..

Vanilla Bean Noel - This is developing Lovely! It's becoming richer is an obvious Vanilla - it's like ice-cream and milk bottle lollies ..... Not as strong as I'd like but nice, sugary ..

Vanilla Sandalwood - OMG(osh) this smells so good to me .. First thoughts when sniffing the bar today: Mmm Sexy Man lol .. And for the record no my man doesn't soap with this, but he should! ....... YUM YUM YUM!!!

Very Vanilla - Strong Plastic, ick .. I don't have much hope left for this one coming right :( ...... Could be mistaken but maybe a tad more Vanilla today? Still playdough though ..

Pink Sugar - I'm having trouble putting this scent into words .. It's gently perfumy, No distinct Vanilla but a rich and warm undertone which I attribute to Vanilla .. A little bit of fruit like the HDV but nowhere near as strong .. It's a complex scent and I really like it ..... This one makes me sniff again and again - its captivating!


  1. They all sound yummy (especially the Marshmallow fluff). Fabulous looking soaps!

  2. I'm so glad you're liking the drizzled honey vanilla. That's the one I'm cheering for! I love the color since it looks like honey.

    Great photos!

  3. You are doing a fabulous job with this experiment! Thank you! I love the embed comparisons.

  4. Embed comparison is brilliant!

  5. Thank-You all for commenting!

    I'm really pleased youRe following along and that it's proving helpful :D