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28 March 2010

Mica Mess (2)

These are some more of the coloured batches I showed yesterday

** Holly the pink stars were actually Neon Purple Pigment - yeah go figure? I had no idea it would turn pink! But then as I say the white was originally super 'Dark Blue' .. And I also used Copper, Bordeaux, Patagonia Purple, Grape, Amethyst, & Majestic Green Mica .. The purpose of these batches:
(greens a lot nicer than this image makes out, it's just a grotty gray cloudy day)

PS: Vanilla Updates tomorrow!


  1. You got fantastic detail on the half sphere soaps Clear and your shred are lovely! I have yet to purpose make a coloured batch to add to another soap....I just use the 'tidy up' shavings from my florals so far :)

  2. The shreds turned out great! They are such pretty colors. Trying to figure out colors and morphing stresses me out! :D