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31 March 2010

Vanilla Files (part 7)

Ok finally got the pics ready to share - I had open a new flickr account because the last one is full!

To recap, the Fragrance Oils I've used below were all purchased from the wonderful Karen @ Big Tree Supplies in Australia, who stocks from many of the well known places in the states such as:
  • Bitter Creek North (BCN)
  • The Candle Source (TCS)
  • Day Star Supplies (DSS
  • Natures Garden (NG)
  • Elements Bath & Body (EBB)

And I'm very excited to say that I've got some more Vanilla's on the way to be soaped/photographed & added very soon! Including some from Bramble Berry (BB) ..

So these bars are all coming up to their 6wk cure date VERY soon (next week) and I'll then begin doing lather tests to determine:
  • if the discolouration also discolours the lather
  • if the scent morphs &/or comes alive in the water
  • if the scent sticks to the skin

I apologise that the lighting in these is not always the same due to being photographed outdoors and at differing times of day etc, but I hope it gives you an idea of how they each progressed over the last couple of weeks .. Some you can see discolour very rapidly, while others take weeks - months even!

DAY #1 (freshly cut)
Day 1
DAY #2
Day 2
DAY #3
Day 3
DAY #4
Day 4
DAY #14 = Today!
Day 14

Comments, Questions, & Feedback is Welcomed! ♥
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  1. Golly, Marshmallow Fluff is the most gorgeous deep brown colour....:)

  2. I know it's beautiful and develops it's colour so quick!

    Unfortunately the scent is a bit 'whatever' for me, and the lather - well you'll see next week but I've already tested this in the shower and can assure you it's not pretty :(

  3. I agree with Topcat-I loooove the Marshmallow Fluff. I just might have to buy that one:)

  4. This is such a helpful posting, so thanks for taking the time :)
    I have forever looking for a vanilla scent that doesn't go brown on me. Seems that Musk Vanilla or Apricot Vanilla would be the choice then? Are both more heavy on the vanilla side, or do you get a sweet peach/ sweet musk scent?

  5. @ Patrice - Please read my note above regarding the lather colour of MF before you buy just in case it changes your mind .. For the record the scent doesn't come alive in the water either, nor does it stick to your skin - so it's not an FO I'd use again myself ;)

    @ Cocobong - I'm glad you found it helpful, and I'm happy to share my findings with friends! :D The Vanilla Abricot is actually quite a dark bar and the only one I had Ash issues with .. The Musk is mid-range brown, and still a lot darker than say BRV, Vanilla Bean, Drizzled Honey, and Warm Vanilla Sugar .. If you following this link (Vanilla Files) you can see all all seven parts of this experiment and read detailed scent descriptions in part 3, 4, and 6 ;)

  6. What a fantastic journey you undertook and THANK YOU! It's great to see which vanillas won't discolor and which vanillas will turn their natural shade!

  7. Your experiments are very interesting. Thanks for sharing them.