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05 March 2010

Watermelon Body Polish : Good Enough To Eat ..

New Oils New Oils - How exciting, some of my new supplies arrived .. And as well as the basics like Emulsifying Wax, Macadamia Oil, Kaolin Clay etc, I got a few new Fragrances to try out - one of which was a Watermelon ..

I REALLY wanted to move onto making body powders this week but I don't have a flour sift, so I continued to work on my scrub formula .. This one included the solid Coconut Oil instead of Fractionated like I talked about in my last post .. And I decided to try reducing it by 50% of what I'd previously added .. So less but more, volume wise (not weight) that is, are you following?

I tested it out and so far so good .. It left a nice fine film on my skin, and a very clean (oil/scum) free tub with no more effort than a splash of cold water to send a few stray Jojoba Spheres on their way .. Which is quite remarkable as I even put the plug in trying to create an obvious line, which didn't happen .. And I purposely used a white towel to see if any colouring (Mica) would transfer - nope, nothing ..

Obviously it needs at least 24hrs to fully set up, but I'm very happy with it and think it's a great success!

WMS ©Artisan Soaps

These photo's make it look a bit softer than it is .. You can easily spread this out on your hands to apply, but it's firm enough that it won't drip everywhere = just right (imho) .. And it really looks and smells like Sorbet, which was exactly what I was aiming for :D

WaterMellon Scrub ©Artisan Soaps


  1. Oh Clare! You so inspire me! Now if I just had the time! I love the pink scrub and love the details of testing your recipes. The photography is gorgeous too!

  2. That is truly beautiful stuff! I'll call when I'm in the neighborhood just to get a whiff of it.... :-)

  3. I thought your Creme de Cacao was marvelous, but your watermelon scrub is drop dead delicious! ;)

  4. this is super duper uber pretty! My mouth is salivating at the thought. Makes me think of summer, which is many months away. :( I hope it sets up just fine. So pretty! Love the pink towel!