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17 March 2010

DIY Coconut Cave (for fish tank)

I'm thrilled so many people liked the marble soak idea, and yes it really does feel great so I hope you try it!

I must say though, it was my sister who taught me the trick .. Many years ago when I was still living in Australia, we used to team it up with a face mask, a bottle of wine, some munchies, a pack of tarot cards, and maybe a video or two .. That's the ingredients for what I'd call the perfect girls night in :)

And since I'm on a roll with flashbacks from the past, Krissy's comment about pinching marbles out of the fish-tank reminded me of a little clip I made for YouTube a couple of years back .. Though it might be fun to share it here too:

(btw) The cave is still in use, still looking fab, and still popular with the fish ..

*Update on Vanilla's tomorrow, I promise!


  1. aww, love your video. I used to make coconut caves for my Apistos. They loved them as well. I miss my fish tanks (they never exist on their own do they ? They keep multiplying), but there is no room in our new house...