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13 March 2010

Nerys Purchon ..

Who's that? Well she's the lady that helped me make my very first home-made skin care product!

Waaaay back when I was a new mum, living in Perth, Western Australia, and dreaming of living off the land with a permaculture garden providing food and a herb garden bringing in income to buy what we couldn't make, I bought her book 'Bodycraft' .. I actually bought it after spending the day at her Rivendell Farm where I'd spent hours walking through and photographing the spectacular herb gardens, eating sumptuous food at the restaurant (freshly made berry ice-cream = Mmmm), tasting the local wines (yep bought a couple bottles of red); and that was also my very first introduction to Aromatherapy as I could smell lemon and lavender coming from the consultation rooms .. In fact, believe it or not I still have all the little brochures I picked up from the shop that day as they are so packed full of fascinating information - way more than your average sales flyer, and this is going back 19-20yrs now!

Yes, to say I was inspired and impressed is a huge understatement ..

So 'Bodycare' is the book that first educated me on the basics of simple home-made skin care .. As well as Tooth Powders, Soap, Hand Cream, Herbal Infusions, Perfumes, Balms, Aromatherapy, Masks - you get the idea .. And I must have read it a million times, it's amazing it's still held together actually!

Anywho, today I just happened to be flicking though it yet again and I thought that I really MUST track down a copy of her other book called 'Foodcraft' as I've always wanted it but never found a copy available - of course last time I looked was a few years prior to the internet, lol ..

Well it wasn't easy but I found a 2nd hand copy in Australia, and I also found out Nerys passed away on January 15th this year .. Wow :(

If only this had occurred to me sooner I could have let her know how helpful her sharing has been to me .. I would have loved to have connected with her via her blog, or bought a little something from her Etsy store ..

Now all I can say is Rest In Peace Nerys
- you will be missed by family, friends, and people you never even met ..
gb cem ©Artisan Soaps

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  1. R.I.P....her spirit knows you were helped Clear :)