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18 March 2010

Vanilla Files (part 6)

I'm eager to do the lather tests on these so I cut a bar off each in preparation .. I love cutting soap - it was exciting to see what each slice would expose!

From The Top (in same order)


Scent Reviews
* = my 5 top picks (so far)

Vanilla Abricot (DSS)
- Getting stronger, what people 'expect' when you say Vanilla scented

Musk Vanilla (NG)
- Not overpowering but definite Musk. I don't smell any 'Vanilla'

Vanilla Bean (DSS)
- Almost a generic Vanilla scent, with a slight 'plastic' to it

*Drizzled Honey Vanilla* (DSS)
- Still really interesting and very hard to describe. I describe BRV as Summer in the garden, which makes DHV Summer sitting down at the river watching bees hover in the wild flowers!

Marshmallow Fluff (DSS)
- Sugary sweet, a cooking scent. It really smells like Marshmallow but unfortunately isn't very strong

*Black Raspberry Vanilla* (NG)
- I'm loving this, smells just like Summer in my garden :)

- This still smells 'sweet' to me, not soapy at all! Interesting note is that it also seemed to cut cleaner than any other bar, as though it is somehow 'harder' yet the recipe was exactly the same, including Lye strength.

Vanilla de Madagascar (DSS)
- Another sweet cooking scent, deep/rich buttery even - but not very 'strong'

*Pink Sugar* (TCS)
- Still YUM! I have people gravitate to this bar and keep sniffing, unwilling to try others and going back to it when forced to, lol ..

Very Vanilla (BCN)
- I need to look back and see if this was the one giving off Almond notes when first poured as I can now pick it up again (ever so faint). But honestly, the first thing that I'd describe this as is 'it's like sniffing your TV remote!'. Sorry but this is an Epic FAIL in my opinion .. Edited to add: yes it was the almond one!

Vanilla Bean Noel (DSS)
- Much lighter than I'd like, but sweet/sugary, a little buttery, almost like caramel actually

Buttercream Frosting (DSS)
- Weird, when I just picked this up now I thought 'wow is that coconut I smell?'. If told the name I do get a 'feel' of cake frosting, but I think it's got a touch of plastic too

*Vanilla Sandalwood* (EBB)
Mmm Yeah Baby - I'm so down with this scent, but I guess you'll know that by now 8P

Warm Vanilla Sugar (TCS)
- I find this very faint, alight sweet perfume scent, a Pink Sugar wannabe?

I'm going to order some Vanilla samples from BB to add in the future, but again if anyone has 15ml of a Vanilla FO not listed here and is willing to send my way, I'd love to soap them and add the results to this list ..

And if you have a question regarding any of the above bars, please do leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer or show you ;)


  1. Awesome! I actually love the look of the creamy center and dark exterior. Reminds me of swanky chocolate:)

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. They all look edible Clear! I love your scent descriptions too - thank you :)

  3. This is so cool - I love to see how different vanillas discolor the soap - your shots of the tops are awesome - looks like a sea of caramel - I bet these smell so yummy too! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I'm just loving your description of drizzled honey vanilla. Just that name has me thinking it smells great. I think it's my favorite color too. Great idea to cut the bars too. Amazing to see how they discolored. I also think your Pink Sugar is discoloring quite nicely. Not going too dark, just more of a brown sugar color. Interesting!

  5. Woah, what a great review. I think you're going to love Vanilla Select and/or Vanilla Bean. The Vanilla Forest is a dupe of the Henri Bendel Vanilla Bean.

    Isn't it interesting how the discoloration varies greatly from fragrance to fragrance?

  6. I'm so glad you commented on my blog. Thank you so much for your kind words. :) Now I am loving your blog! Great cross sections of your vanillas. Wow. What I'd love to know are the companies you're referring to with the initials. I don't know who all of them are. Thanks!

  7. Thank-You All for commenting ..

    I'm really looking forward to trying them Anne-Marie! - and some other scents too :P

    Sorry Joanna, I should put the full names for easier reference: BCN (Bitter Creek North), TCS (The Candle Source), EBB (Elements Bath & Body), DSS (Day Star Supplies), NG (Natures Garden) :D