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25 February 2010

Super Bubbles ..

Those who know me know I love bubbles .. I've been making my own 'Secret Bubble Mix' for a number of years, and on occasion have been known to have children racing across fields after bubbles bigger than themselves, or fill up the whole main street of my town with tiny flying orbs of swirling rainbow colours! Yes I really have done that, just me and one little wand :D

It's the perfect rainy day activity because the moisture in the air allows them to float for ages without popping .. It's also a wonderful alternative to smoking (uses hands/concentration/breath) and I highly recommend those trying to quit carry a pottle of mix with them and give it a go when the craving hits .. And for anyone who practices mindfulness, rituals of positive thinking, witchcraft etc, with just a little imagination you can create an assortment of enchanting ways to focusing ones energy (hopes, dreams, thoughts, intent) inside a bubble and blow them out into the world ..

But that concept may be a little bit 'out there' to some of you, lol .. So lets head back to the bathroom :P

Devil Duck ©Artisan Soaps

I've spent an embarrassing amount of money on Bubble Bath over the years, both for myself and my children .. Some were cheap and others expensive, but they all either left me with bubbles that didn't last, or wonderful luxurious bubbles but lead to terribly dry and itchy skin .. I've played around with liquid surfactants in the past but was never happy with the results so left it alone until recently prompted to have another go ..

This was version #1 based on the recipe shared on the NWS Forum, but tweaked to remove some ingredients I didn't have, and adding some skin protecting goodies I like: Lamesoft & Honeyquat
BB #1 ©Artisan Soaps
Version #2 works great and the bubbles last for hours without leaving my skin damaged from soaking - yet because of the texture I have to work (smoosh) these to dissolve in the water and that direct contact is irritating my hands
BB #2 ©Artisan Soaps
Version #3 was one I mixed today, it's the lovechild of Bubbling Bath Salts & Bath Milk, and I'm pretty darn excited about it - but of course I'll keep playing with this and that (colour/fragrance/clays/fruit powders/herbs/etc)..
BB #3 ©Artisan Soaps
I've tested it twice; first bath poured at 1:10pm - bubbles until 4:50pm when I pulled the plug; second bath poured at 5:15pm and it's now 10:34pm - STILL bubbles .. Not even Superman can defeat them!!
Super Bubbles ©Artisan Soaps


  1. Lots of bubbles! Looks great! I think I like the powder concept the best. So much easier to store and use I would think.

    It's been a long time since I blew any bubbles. If I put my hopes and dreams inside a bubble and blow it out into the world, do they come true? :)

  2. Love this blog. Cute with Superman. LOL I am doing the bubble balls and having so much fun with them. Keep up the good work.

  3. Love the idea of a bubbling powder too! Superman looks like he in enjoying himself :)

  4. Thank you All for commenting ♥

    re: do they come true?
    Think of it as a no risk opportunity to increase the chances!

  5. I don't know how I missed this post! I really like the bubble powder!