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21 February 2010

A pretty fragrance with a bad reputation ..

I'm talking about Black Magic, which is described as 'a truly divine fragrance with an enchanted forest feel - a blend of fresh Siberian fir, sweet spices and vanilla!'

I love the name and I loved the scent when I first sniffed it out of the bottle .. And despite it's being well known as a troublemaker (seizing) I had absolutely no issues while soaping it .. So keep your temps low and you should be good to go :)

I know this looks totally wrong for it's namesake, but we all know what Vanilla does to soap don't we?! So I sprinkled a little (cosmetic grade) glitter on top to liven it up when it does go dark ..
Black Magic © Artisan Soaps
I took this today while bevelling
- excuse the green reflection, I do leadlight ..
BM(2) ©Artisan Soaps

On a personal note, I woke up this morning with a sore throat and swollen glands :( so I've been munching on childrens Vit C pills as it's all I have in the cupboard .. I've only recently got over months of pneumonia and I can't tell you how sick I am of being sick!

Anywho, hope you're all enjoying the last of the week-end, whatever that sees you doing ♥


  1. I love that glitter soap picture! So pretty!

    I'm so sorry that you're feeling bad again. Darn it! You've been put through the ringer! I hope this one doesn't get real bad. Get better soon!

  2. That's actually a great pic for vanilla, wish you could take the green out, it would be perfect. Looks good and I like the glitter to...great idea. Just wish I could smell it:)

  3. That glitter looks awesome! I have that fo on my BTS wish list....seems like maybe I will have to get it ;)

    Oh Clare - get well soon! Your immune system is still not yet in balance, so keep hoeing down those Vit Cs and nuture yourself.

  4. Beautiful photography and just the right amount of glitter! Your swirls are gorgeous too.

    Try to get some sleep, sip some tea and have some chicken noodles soup! Take care!