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26 February 2010

I feel so sick and tired right now ..

I know that sounds very 'poor me' and I apologise as I know many others are going through much tougher times .. But today I feel overwhelmingly drained, physically, mentally, and emotionally ..

On the up-side it's Friday and I've got no plans other than to laze about the house all week-end .. Maybe I'll mix up some new EO blends for room sprays, or soap - I dunno, we'll see ..

These are my "Sorry I missed Valentines day" flowers ..
Pretty don't you think?!

Unfortunately the man and I have some major issues to work out - and yeah I'm sick and tired of dealing with that too *sigh*

In the Oil Burner: French Lavender, Spearmint, Sweet Orange 3:3:5


  1. Clear!!!! I hope you feel better soon! Not every day is a sunny day, but hopefully the next day will be. Think on the bright have loads of bubbles!! LOL!

    The flowers are totally gorgeous. Issues or not, they are pretty and hopefully make you smile when you look at them.


  2. Telling it like it is for you is not 'poor me' unless you are doing that all the time, and you are NOT! This is your blog darl and you just say what you need to. Your blog readers don't just want to read your stuff - they want to know you too...*gets off high horse now*

    Give yourself as much 'me' time as you can over the weekend. Take care :)

  3. What makes me smile is friends like you two!

  4. The flowers are stunning! Sending you bright and sunny feelings!!