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19 February 2010

Read My Lips ..

I know you're all waiting on the Vanilla pictures but I'm going to make you wait another day, sorry .. I only have one more oil (Black Raspberry vanilla) and my unscented loaf (for comparison) to soap, and then I can share them altogether and give weekly updates following that .. So sit tight!

So this post is all about the lips - Lip Balms that is ..

I've actually been using a tweaked version of Grace Fruits recipe for some time now, ((Click Here For Original - the one with Sweet Almond Oil)) but was wanting something a bit different .. I'm not that fussed on a glossy appearance, and I want it to do more than create a surface barrier from the elements .. What I really wanted was a balm that would sink in and actually condition my lips .. Yes that's what I'm looking to make, a Lip Conditioner ..

So I experimented with a few other recipes today, some Vegan, others certainly not (Beeswax & Lanolin), and like most experiments each taught me something new .. Of course they're all fresh so need a couple of days to show their true potential ..


Does anyone know the trick of not getting the dip in the centre of the pot?
Interesting how it's only happened to the Beeswax ones!

This last one I literally just finished .. It's an out of the box formulation I created with Sweet Almond, Beeswax, Castor, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Butter Blend (Hydrogenated Jojoba Oil), Honey, Lanolin, Olive, & Wheatgerm Oil .. I even coloured it with a sprinkling of Mica, and scented with a Flavour Oil (the others are Essential Oils) called Bourjois; notes of black currant, raspberry, jasmine, orange blossom, and woody violets = it's light and sophisticated, and really lovely!


Of course I've been trying these all day, and the good news is that if I'm not there already, I'm very close to what I wanted to achieve :D


  1. They all look lovely Clare! I have read that if you can pour your balm a little cooler the divots won't be as likely to form. I don't think in a lip balm pot that it is such a noticeable thing anyway, but that is what I have read and it seemed to work for my solid lotion bars :)

  2. I've heard about those little dips with just about every beeswax project. I've also heard to save a little bit of your batch to go back and cover those spots. Pouring a little cooler is the way to go as well. I love how everything turned out! The first picture is especially appealing. :)

  3. They look great and I love the little pots!