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13 April 2010

Vanilla Files (part 8 = lather tests!)

I think I need to start off by saying these Vanilla Files are nothing more than an experiment I did for my own personal reasons, then later decided to share publicly in the hope that others could benefit from the results .. Maybe I'm a fool, but I prefer to think of other B&B makers as my colleagues, rather than competition .. And what soaper doesn't love to talk shop?!

Also, please remember any comments below are only in reference to CP soap .. The very last thing I want to do is put people off trying these FO's in the many and varied B&B products we enjoy, and enjoy making! Obviously they are only my opinion, and I'm admittedly fussy - but very honest!

Not all have been tested enough in the shower to comment if they rinse clean, fill the bathroom with scent, or stick to skin, so *watch this space for updates*

Absolutely Gorgeous Scent! So good that the discolouration in CP soap doesn't bother me in the least .. The lather & rinse however is a shocker - dirty yellow/brown like Kindy Infectious Urine! Sorry but it's seriously BAD!! Which creates a major dilemma in that I absolutely LOVE this scent, and so do my testers .. So I guess I'll now have to try it with Vanilla Stabiliser ..

The scent does stick to skin for a little while after showering, but only very mildly - not to worry though as I've already used it in my Body Butter :D


Sandalwood Vanilla (DSS):
Lather looks white when washing hands etc, however it's obviously slightly 'dirty' on the rinse (as it drops down onto my white tub) .. It doesn't come alive and fill the room with scent like some FO's do in use, but it definitely sticks to the skin so you'll be walking in a cloud of aroma for a few hours after showering which I personally want - it gets extra points for this ;)

And I also think it morphs just a tad in use, but I still LOVE this FO!


Drizzled Honey Vanilla Cream (DSS):
This one tricked me - the first time I used it in the shower I wrote: Unfortunately this really doesn't do much in the shower, as in the scent doesn't fill the room like some do .. Nor does it stick to the skin after showering in more than a very mild way .. But I've just stepped out of the shower after using it the second time and the scent DID come alive in a very pleasant way! And it also seems to be stronger on my skin - which I know makes no sense, but what can I say? This is an awesome FO - oh and the lather/rinse is pretty darn clean, just ever so lightly tinted .. A winner in my opinion ;)


Marshmallow Fluff (DSS):
Compared to the others this scent is still a bit 'whatever' for me .. And the lather/rinse is extremely dirty - it looked like I'd been rolling in the mud!

This picture doesn't even show just how un-pretty it is in use .. And combined with a just so-so scent, it failed miserably as a CP FO :(

(Of course that doesn't mean it wouldn't ROCK in another B&B product!)


Black Raspberry Vanilla (NG):
*Will update when thoroughly tested*


Vanilla de Madagascar (DSS):
I have tried another version of this that I liked a lot more, however I don't know where it came from, or how to contact the soaper that made it to ask :/

The scent did nothing in the shower and I could only smell it when sniffing the bar or lather direct, and it did not stick to my skin .. The lather and rinse were dirty, yet not quite as bad as this pic makes out - this was lathered by hand so maybe more intense then when showering with it?

Anyway, I won't be soaping it again ..


Very Vanilla (BCN):
I think it's been made clear I do not like this scent .. To my nose it's a cross between sniffing playdough and plastic .. BUT every now and again it lets off a very obviously 'nut' like note - kinda weird! Anyhoo I was not expecting much from this when I took it into the shower for proper testing, and while I can't say anything about how it performed in use changed my mind, BUT that nutty thing was super obvious .. I'm calling it Hazelnut actually, that's what it smelt like to me when sniffing the bar - there was no scent in the room itself .. And *unfortunately for me* it did stick to my skin ..

I must give it points for one of the cleaner rinses - barely noticeably discoloured as it washed down the drain ;) So if you're a fan of hazelnuts this may work for you?!


Vanilla Bean Noel (DSS):
This did not perform as I expected it to as I've used other soapers VBN's in the past and been a huge fan! The rinse was quite dirty, the scent was very faint - had to sniff the bar or lather direct to even smell it, and it did not stick to the skin :(

Sooo if you're really wanting a great VBN then I'd do as my friends do and go with Wholesale Supplies Plus version ;)


Buttercream Frosting (DSS):
*Will update when thoroughly tested*


Warm Vanilla Sugar (TCS):
Even in use this one doesn't give off much fragrance unless you sniff the bar directly, and likewise it didn't stick to my skin at all .. I know many people aren't interested in soap scent sticking to skin but I like it .. And at very I least want my bathroom to smell nice when showering - not much purpose adding FO if it doesn't do that! .. Rinse was only slightly discoloured ..


Vanilla Bean (DSS):
*Will update when thoroughly tested*


Musk Vanilla (NG):
*Will update when thoroughly tested*


Vanilla Abricot (DSS):
This smells great when you sniff the bar while in use, but that's the only time I really get much scent from it .. It's not in the air, it's not on my skin, or even in the lather itself in more than a very-very mild way .. Pretty disappointing really but maybe used a t a higher % that could be fixed? The rinse is what you'd expect from a brown bar - not overly, not even enough to put many people off I don't think .. But I won't be using it again ..




Face Cloth Test - wet soap left to dry on a clean white towel:
(click on image for full size)
Sorry this is so dark in comparison to the lather tests above - the weather has turned and it's very overcast but I got it done before the rain started!

Comments, Questions, Feedback - Most Welcomed!


  1. Clear,

    This is one amazing experiment! Your attention to detail is brilliant! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. I am so happy you're doing this experiment! I value your opinion on all of this so you're saving me some time! ;) I could not think of how to explain the vanilla one I made and "plastic and playdough" describes it just right. Vanilla is just so stubborn!

  3. You are doing such a fabulous job with this experiment!! Who would have thought to set it out on a towel as part of the test? Great job and thanks for sharing!!

  4. This is a great experiment, thanks so much for sharing your information - very kind of you. I really like the sound of the Drizzled Honey Vanilla, might have to try that one next time.

  5. I enjoyed this post very much! I have steered clear of Vanilla F.O.'s for the most part because they are always disappointing. The plastic, chemical smell is so offensive to me! I'm glad to see that there may be other options out there. I'm tired of wasting my money on disappointments.

  6. Looks like the drizzled honey vanilla is hanging in there!

  7. All I can say is... You are AMAZING!
    Thank You :D

  8. Thank you for posting this excellent resource!
    I've been looking for a nicely scented vanilla that doesn't discolor too much and after reading the Vanilla files decided on the Drizzled Honey Vanilla by Daystar Supplies. Alas, it seems to have disappeared and I can't find it anywhere. Too bad because it sounded really nice!
    Thanks for all of your invaluable work, great job!!