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19 April 2010

Back to School ..

Well the holidays finished today so it was back to making lunches and attending to all the things I've been putting off the last couple of weeks (live vacuuming the lounge!).. My main priority though, after dropping the boy at school, was shipping off a bunch of lip balms to friends in the UK!

I was only going to send one kind but decided at the last moment to make another batch to cater to those who like more of a gloss .. I also decided it was time I formulated for the vegan crowd so experimented with Candelilla and Carnauba Wax and now have my fingers crossed they work out ok .. I must say though, so far my impression is Wow - if you haven't played with these two ingredients you should! They make a super hard balm but the glide is phenomenal, no drag what-so-ever and it sets up as smooth as glass ..

Oh and good news - I didn't spill any more than a drop when pouring the second batch into tubes :P

The tops however, well I'm still working on perfecting that *rolls eyes*

I also had to hand-crafted a label as I don't own a printer, so this is what I ended up doing on the week-end:

Wraps for the tubes themselves ..
Booklet tags to list ingredients ..
The finished Balms with wraps ..
Together with their booklets ..

And finally, THANK-YOU to everyone who's left comments, I really appreciate it and will write replies when I get a chance ;)


  1. Look at you! All creative and fancy! I'm so wanting to get Candelilla wax as I think it's just what I need for my lip balm. the labels are soooo creative! I'm sure you lip balms all turned out great!

  2. I love how you wrapped them! Really creative Clear. I bet your UK friend will adore them :)

  3. The labels are fabulous!! I've always used candelilla wax in my lip butters - LOVE it!!

  4. I love your labels Clear. You have very lucky friends:)

  5. Wow! You did a great job with the labels! Love candelilla and carnauba wax in my lip bombs..