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26 April 2009

Caraway Tangerine & Sandalwood

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Caraway Tangerine & Sandalwood

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Tallow (see notes below), Caraway Seed Infusion, Sodium Hydroxide, Tangerine & Sandalwood Essential Oils

Superfatted: 7%

Notes: This is the one and only time I have or will use animal fat in my soap .. I felt it important to experiment with this traditional ingredient at least once, but will NEVER do so again!

I also had trouble with the essential oils accelerating trace, and had to 'gloop' the mixture into the molds with a spoon ..

First Impressions: This is a very solid, hard bar that bubbles and lathers well .. The essential oils both seem to have been lost in the saponification process, and even the super strong caraway infusion has imparted little more than a gentle colour to the bar .. A bit of a failure so far as fragrant appeal is concerned, but definitely still an efficient, yet mild cleansing product ..

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