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10 June 2011

Playing is Creating ..

I've had an awesome week playing with all my new goodies .. From M&P to new extracts, to hydrosols, & new oils .. I've made Whipped Tallow Body Butter, a Super Intensive & Fanciful Conditioner, Toner, Face lotion, & all of these bars below:

Hempy Hands made with M&P base with Shea Butter, Crushed Fennel, Jojoba Sphere's, Mica, Charcoal, & BB's Wasabi FO ..

Sole Sloggers made with Hemp Base and extra Hemp Oil .. Seas Salt, Pumice, & ground Hemp Seeds .. (unscented)

Spicy Rose Guest soap - made with hemp base, Rosehip Oil, Ground Nutmeg, TD, Mica, Cosmetic Glitter, and my own blend of FO's ..

I've had a total blast making these, but sadly that's the end of my samples .. I'm tempted to buy more, but a little birdy did happen to mention they may just be sending me some *I'm spoilt!*

And I really want to move on to Syndet (solid shampoo) Bars next .. Sooo who makes them - any hints & tips to share with me - here or email me clear.marie [at] if you'd rather not share your secrets with the world - err I mean people who read my blog :P

I still don't have the ingredients as they're not available in NZ, but am thinking a mix of SCI, SLSa, Coco Betaine, & some Poly/Decyl Glucose etc ..

~ have a fun & safe week-end everybody!


  1. Hallo! You made so nice things!!! They look realy great! So now I have a question (my english is not sooo good so I don´t know if I understand it that way you mean :-) ) You are searching for a recipt for solide schampoo bars? If you do, I have one!
    Greatings from Austria, Tascha!

  2. Hello from New Zealand Tascha :)

    Yes I would like to learn to make my own solid shampoo, and would love to look at your recipe if you don't mind sharing with me ..

    Also Thank-You for commenting and the lovely complement ♥

  3. Ok! I will send it to you, I only have to search a translation for a few words! But I think that will go fast! So long, Tascha!

  4. Here's a micro amount recipe I've used for making sold shampoo bars. SLSA is quite pricey here, you may be able to get it at a better price and therefor up the scale on the rest of the ingredients.

    200 gr SLSA
    20 gr Grapeseed oil
    4 gr Lanolin
    2 gr Lysolecithin

  5. Here is mine:
    200g SLSA
    5g Macadamiaoil
    2g Lysolecithin
    20g Glycerol (Glycerin)
    8g destilled water parfum and colour

    Many greatings, Tascha!

  6. The Hempy Hands are totally cute! I am glad you have been having M&P fun <3

  7. Thanks Heaps for sharing your recipes {{hugs}}

    Funny how both are very different from any others I've seen, yet so similar lol ..

    Yes the ingredients are Very Expensive! But I do have some SLSa on hand, only no Lysolecithin .. I wonder if I can successfully sub Soy Lecithin? Google didn't really help answer this, hmm ...

  8. I had no idea what Lysolecithin was, but it seems to be an emulsifier and in a small quantity. I'm wondering if some sort of ewax or BTMS would be okay. I've used both in my syndet shampoo bars before. Mine were too cleansing for me so I'm back to CP shampoo bars!