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18 May 2011

*update* on the Vanilla Files (Part 9)

Once again I apologize for my complete lack of posting here .. I try, I really do! It's just that everyday chores and responsibilities keep getting in the way of any 'free-time' .. And when I do manage to make a little I often have other things I want to do .. For example, this last week-end I did a major sort-through of ALL my soaps curing and in storage - every single batch & box inspected!

Annnnnnd, you'll be happy to know I seized this opportunity to take some updated photo's and notes on my Vanilla Bars :


I gave them all a good wash and then took a layer off the top and side of each bar for colour comparison .. I found it interesting that only one batch still shows a slightly lighter interior, that being 'TCS's Pink Sugar' :

Also of note, especially since all these were made with the same formula, same batches of oils, in the same moulds, and stored in the same conditions ever since - the two lightest bars (Unscented & Black Raspberry Vanilla) have both started to show DOS (dreaded orange spot/rancid free oils) .. Something I've only ever had happen twice before in 2+ years of soaping!

The BRV only has a couple of spots on two of the bars, whereas the Unscented is so discoloured and foul smelling that I've actually thrown all but one out ..

The Unscented bar (bottom row, far left) is now seriously Yellow & 'cheesish' :

Soooo does one assume that FO can help preserve/extend the life of soap by way of acting as an antioxidant ?? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this ..

I'm afraid I've run out of time but have more pics and fragrance notes (including a surprising new favourite!) to share, so hopefully I'll get that up in the next couple of days .. Don't laugh (or hold your breath) - I'll do my best!

And just before I go I've had a couple of questions about DS's Drizzled Honey-Vanilla, which as far as I know is still available .. I absolutely hate trying to navigate their site! But just had a quick look and was able to find it on the sample list, under 'For the Love of Vanilla Collection' :D


  1. Woohoo ~ she's baaaaack!!!

    My first thought with the DOS was that those two lighter ones just show it more obviously? Do any of the darker bars have any uneven colouring? Other than that, the only difference can be the fo, yes? Really intriguing :)

  2. Yep, only difference is FO ..

    All other bars are an even colour, with no tell-tale tacky/oilyness or 'off' fragrance .. No sign of DOS in the least .. Interesting development don't you think ?!

  3. I had the similar experience with my unscented bars - same formula, same storage place as fragranced bars, and after 6 weeks DOS appeared. At that time I guesses that my grapeseed oil was not so fresh (I did 5% superfat), but it didn't explained how the other bars stayed in good shape.

  4. Thanks for the comment Mozartiana :D

    Wow DOS at 6wks - that sucks :(

    Not that I doubt you, but are you absolutely sure it was DOS and not discolouration off of something they were sitting on, like a wooden shelf or metal rack etc?

    I'm half wondering if the FO manufacturers/suppliers sometimes add some Vit E or similar antioxidant ? Then again, none of my other Unscented batches have ever gone rancid so I don't know what to make of it ?!

  5. Very very interesting! So weird about the DOS! I also thought the pink sugar discoloration was very interesting too. I like the final color, seems perfect for it. Must get me some!!

  6. Way to go! You posted! Baby steps, Clear.... baby steps.