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02 June 2009

Excuse Me - My Monkey Farted!

It seems coconut oil (like teenagers & sugar) has been given a bad rap ..

It's said that it's so cleansing that it's actually drying to skin, yet still used in almost all commercial and home-made soap because of the wonderful bubbly lather it creates ..

Obviously some people can have a bad reaction to any particular oil, but that doesn't make blanket statements like "it's too drying" a fact .. So I've decided to experiment with the theory that it can actually make a very nice, mild, bar of soap if one superfats accordingly ..

I chose to SF 30% (generally I do 6-9%) .. This excessive amount of oil to lye is feasible with 100% coconut oil as it has a long shelf life .. Meaning it's very unlikely to have trouble with DOS(dreaded orange spot)or rancidity ..

Oh - the subject line, well it's scented with Monkey Farts (tropical) fragrance oil ..

And the orange colour was achieved with carrot oil :)

Monkey Farts 1




PS: I'll update how drying/mild I find these bars when fully cured (6wks) ..

PPS: Special Thanks to: T Monkey, T Monkey II, Uncle

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