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13 May 2009

Coconut Lime Salt Spa Bars

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Coconut Lime Salt Spa Bars



Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Soya Bean Lecithin, Canola Oil, Sea Salt, Spring Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Premium Quality Fragrance Oil, Green Tea Powder ..

Superfatted: 20%

Ok, honestly - this was a saponifiers nightmare!

I've been wanting to try making a salt spa bar for weeks now as I keep reading about others doing it .. So yesterday I started calculating a recipe around the 343g of coconut I had left from my Turkish Hazelnut Cafe loaf, and the ratios I was wanting to try: 80% CO, 20% Canola; 20% S/F and 50% (total oil) crushed sea salt .. Green tea powder (for colour), and Lime F/O ..

Well, canola & coconut oil certainly traces A LOT quicker than olive .. Then when I added the tea (mixed with a little water) and the Lime fragrance at trace, it instantly turned bright orange! and reverted back to liquid again = Oh "#$@!" what the hell did I do?!!

In my panic I decided to start stick blending until I reached trace (again) and then carefully mixed in the salt - it's a disgusting mud colour by now and my teenager is laughing over my shoulder .. Suddenly the addition of salt makes the mud 'clump', and I ended up having to scoop it out of the pan as quick as I could to pack in the molds and pushing it down in an effort to level them out (my daughter is rolling on the ground hysterical by this point - though admittedly saying "it still smells great") *sigh*

Sooo - 24hrs later, they look much better than I imagined they would (though not at all what I was aiming for) ..

First Impressions: They smell great and (apart from the top) have an amazing glass like look & feel that you can't see in the images .. Not having ever tried a spa bar before I can't compare them to others, and really am just 'hoping' they turn out worth the hard work ..

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